MiniTech Project is Faroukh, a DJ/producer fueled with inspiration from all over the world. A world with a single language,music; and a single ritual, dance. A naturally gifted communicator, he likes using a hypnotic sexy blend of groovy Tech-house, Minimal, and Deep Futuristic Progressive beats and rhythms to communicate thoughts and emotions with people through original compositions, remixes, and technology enhanced DJ sets for a more spontaneous “Live” experience.

Born in London, England; he spent his early childhood between New York and New Jersey in the USA, and later in Mumbai and Goa, India where a small emerging underground scene caught his attention and his calling came to electronic music in his teens through the DJ decks in the late 90′s. Years of gigging and refining his own skills in the studio sculpted his talents further, and experiencing dancefloors across the globe continues to fuel his inspirations.

A passion for travels eventually led Faroukh to Amsterdam, Netherlands which sparked the synergy to start recording his own solo productions and re-inventing himself as the producer “MiniTech Project” in 2010 with his debut EP release on the legendary Belgian label “Bonzai” . His talents for production have been shown respect and support from both small and big names alike from all over the world. Both his story and journey are consistently in process…